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Puncak Penulisan Temple is one of the most famous Bali Places of Interest situated at 1745 meters above sea level about 3 kms from Kintamani, or 30 kms from the capital town of Bangli regency, on the east side of the road leading to Denpasar or Singaraja. The temple consists of 11 terraces and the first of five temple complex, the other temples are Pura Panarajon, Pura Ratu Penyarikan, Pura Ratu, Pura Daha Tua and Pura Taman Danu.

Puncak Penulisan Temple

Puncak Penulisan Temple is located on the hill of Penulisan in Kuta Dalem hamlet, Sukawana village. The temple is also known by the names of Pura Tegeh Kauripan and Pura Panarajon. It is about 75 kilometers from Denpasar. From the temple, visitors could take in stunning panoramic views of Lake Batur, Mount Batur, Mount Batukaru and even Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

The entire landscape can be clearly seen from this spot if it's not misty, the 53-year-old said. Areas around Puncak Penulisan Temple are often used as backdrops for films. Visitors have to climb seven flights of stairs to reach the peak from the road, but thanks to the cool air, energy levels are maintained. This historical temple is home to many statues from the ancient Balinese kingdom.

There are 262 statues here, citing data from the Ancient Relics Conservation Agency (BP3). Of the many statues, there are a couple measuring 92 centimeters, believed to be the manifestation of King Udayana Dharmodaya Warmadewa and his wife Mahendratta. They reigned in the 11th century and their sons later became the kings of East Java and Bali. Behind the statue is a carved inscription by Mpu Bga.

This is the most well-known statue in Puncak Penulisan Temple. BP3 replicated it and now keeps it at its office. Puncak Penulisan Temple also features many statues of Lingga, the phallic symbol of Lord Shiva, in different sizes. Besides the statues, there is a relief engraving on a stone shaped like a square. On the seventh level of the temple, there is gedong, a place to keep archaeological objects which is the most sacred statues are placed here.

Puncak Penulisan Temple is not just a place of worship and a tourist destination. It is also a research area for historians and archaeologists, as well as a place for local students to learn history.

Entrance Ticket : IDR 10,000

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