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Pendet Dance is originally a dance of worship which was exhibited at many temples in Bali, places of worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the gods fall into the natural world. Gradually over the times, the artists transform Pendet to welcome but still contains elements of the sacred-religious. Creator or choreographer of modern dance form is I Wayan Rindi. Pendet Dance created by the early 70's by this artist I Nyoman Kaler, describing the welcome of the decline to the natural gods Marcapada.

Pendet Dance

Pendet Dance is an offering in the form of ritual dance. The young girls follow the movements of the women who are more senior. Pendet Dance in groups or pairs, shown after the Rejang dance in the courtyard temple. Usually the dancers facing toward the sacred (pelinggih) wearing ceremonial dress and each dancer brings sangku, jugs, bowls and other equipment offerings.

Besides Pendet Dance, in Bali there are several types of dances that brought the girls or women for completeness implementation of religious rituals or ceremonies. Pendet a statement of the offerings in the form of a ceremonial dance. Unlike dances performances that require intensive training, Pendet be danced by everyone, pemangkus men and women, adults and girls.

Pendet Dance is taught simply by following the movement and rarely done in the hamlets. The young girls follow the movements of the more senior women who understand their responsibility in providing a good example.

Entrance Ticket : IDR 100,000

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