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Nusa Penida Dive Site is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest and less than 30 minutes on speedboat and we are ready to jump in crystal the clear waters of Nusa Penida 4 drift dives. The reef here is incredible and of a similar stracture all along the stretch: a slop of hard corals that runs to -50m. There is always current here from pleasant 1 knot to a roaring 4 knots, which keeps the water clear all year round.

Nusa Penida Dive Site

Because of the proximity of deep water and the strong current, this is a good area to see the large Pelagic such as giant trevallies (Caranx ignobilis), sharks, eagle rays (Dasyatis kuhlii) and turtles (Chelonidae). On all dive sites described here the special animal to find here is the rare giant ocean sunfish (Mola-mola). Sunfishes normally live up to 300 meter deep. But around Nusa Penida they come close to the surface between August and October each year.

Nusa Penida Dive Sites
S.D has a good growth of Staghorn Acropora in the shallows and a ice structure of Bommies in medium depths. It is also one of the few places where you can still find big Tridacna claims. The deep here is a bit barren compared to the sites further east.

Ped is perhaps the most popular site along the North Nusa Penida cost. This reef like the entire cost here is a slope of hard corals punctuated in the deeper areas by black coral spirals and sponges. Because of the steady current spirals lie almost horizontal.

Sental is the central of Nusa Penida reef and the bottom here forms the kind of bowl, and is somewhat protected from the current. The profile here is the steepest of anywhere along this cost, making it probably the best place to see Pelagic fish.

Buyuk Buyuk offers perhaps the best combination of features of all the sites here - very healthy Staghorn Acropora in the shallows an a deep slope nearly as reach as Sental and also offers a good chances to see Pelagic.

Parking Fee : IDR 5,000

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