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Made's Warung is nice big place with local food and entertainment, But the new space in Seminyak is a big improvement - it's protected from the road and bustling with people, not beeping motorbikes. If it's busy and it often is, don't be surprised if you end up sharing a table. Gado gado, satay and curries are all recommended, and the price is right. Fun surprises on the menu include a bagel with smoked marlin, tofu burgers and Caesar salad.

Made's Warung

Don't pass up the daily specials, particularly the fresh fish, the famous Made's Warung is a restaurant located in two places (Kuta and Seminyak). The first warung, originally located in Kuta was only a small joint serving traditional snack to rice farmers and surfers. Run by Made's family, the restaurant now become the most popular eatery in Bali with its strategic location, resembles a traditional country house, with wooden warung style tables and a good view of the bustling main road.

Made's Warung has a large garden area with tables and chairs, plus an inside section with the warung style tables layout. Warung style means long table and bench seating. Always prefer this to the everyman is an island style that westerners go for. Made's Warung is a people watching place galore, and cool just to sit and sip a drink. The staff are all Balinese and chatted with a couple of them.

Price Start : IDR 50,000

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