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Kamasutra Club and Lounge where the restaurant, club and lounge with Indian and a bit of Mediterranean architecture on the outer appearance. Enter the restaurant and you will the theme continued, with pillars, striking high ceiling ballroom. Smelling the culinary delights that comes from far away sea and your imagination will bring you to a different level of excitement. Kamasutra Club and Lounge Bali provide various types of food and fresh drink from abroad.

Kamasutra Club and Lounge

Notices are cooked with the sensational original flavor or coupled with traditional spices of Indonesia and Global. Prepared by the experts at Kamasutra Club and Lounge, culinary presents different atmosphere with music life style and best life performance makes your meal time with family more attractive, elegant and luxury. Kamasutra Club and Lounge were hosting some of Bali's best live performances such as Agnes Monica, Rio Febrian and other famous figures in Indonesia (Indonesian artist).

They're also have state of the art sound lighting system, beautiful design of the entrance is one of the special things offered by Kamasutra Club and Lounge. The building is designed in the style of India which is located in a strategic place makes you easy to reach. The artistic design of signage makes you easy to find Kamasutra Club and Lounge, gives a unique characteristic of Kamasutra. Live bands and resident DJ usually perform here, different entertainment performs every night.

Entrance Ticket : IDR 50,000

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