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Amuk Bay Beach is one of the most famous Bali Places of Interest known with the beauty of white sandy beaches which is completed by the fascinate structure of the rock hills that jutted into the sea. This beach is located in Banjar Labuhan, Antiga village, Karangasem district and is around 6km across with the villages of Padangbai to the south and Candidasa to the north. Two islands (Tepekong and Mimpang) outside the bay and Biaha a little to the north offer some of the most breathtaking diving in Bali.

Amuk Bay Beach

However, due to strong currents and unpredictable water movements, these 3 sites need to be treated with care and respect, always consult your local Dive master. The sites here are one of the best places to see Mola Mola sunfish, the water temperature is also somewhat cooler. Amuk Bay Beach is often used as a family recreational facility which is also equipped with various facilities and accommodation for both local and international tourists who want to spend the night in this place.

As well as other beaches in Bali, the Amuk Bay Beach will increasingly exotic in the evening especially in sunset. One of the best activities and very popular in Amuk Bay Beach is Bali Odyssey Submarine, operated by Submarine Safaris Asia, Ltd. which takes passengers to see and admire the underwater realm of Amuk Bay. The battery-powered submarine carries up to 36 passengers in its single air-conditioned compartment.

The tours can be enjoyed by all ages, especially those looking to enjoy the underwater beauty of tropical marine life, but do not have the expertise or diving experience, or simply don't want to bother getting wet. Prior to boarding, a team of instructors brief passengers on safety instructions as life jackets are distributed. From the shore, a boat transports guests to the sub. Photos are taken on the deck before climbing down through the top hatch and removing the vests.

Inside, wide chairs are lined up through the centre of the vessel. The smooth operating battery-powered submarine carries up to 36 passengers in its single air conditioned compartment. Side portholes enable passengers to view the marine life at depths of over 40m. The submarine ride is a fun feature for families, as kids get to match the types of fish with the posters inside the cabin.

Usually included in the tours are hotel transfers, a barbecue lunch, and the 45min submarine ride, as well as safety equipment and guides. The submarine dive location is just north of the Padangbai turn-off on the road to Candidasa, in the eastern part of the island, featuring a clean, black-sand beach with a mountainous backdrop. During the submerged vessel's usual route around Amuk Bay Beach, the underwater views are alive with bright and colorful tropical fish, corals and occasional stingrays and sea turtles. Along the journey, you will pass coral plantations that are part of a coral regeneration project to maintain the reef and marine habitat in the area.

Parking Fee : IDR 5,000

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