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Air Sanih Hot Spring is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest has been well known as a tourist attraction for locals since 1930. It is one attraction that is located approximately 17 kilometers from the town of Singaraja, towards the village of Air Sanih, Kubutambahan, Buleleng district of Bali Singaraja. This place is a tourist attraction that is used as a bathhouse or a natural pool that has its own water source. The water has been known as Air Sanih water pool attraction for local residents and foreign tourists.

Air Sanih Hot Spring

The advantages and uniqueness from Air Sanih attraction is located at a strategic place that is surrounded by beaches and according to legend and local belief explains that the actual water source is derived from the underground river located in the lake Batur, hundreds of kilometers from the tourist sites. The source of water is located at the southeast corner of the pool.

Location Air Sanih has two pools, one pool is wide and very deep pools for adults and the other is a small pool for children who are not so deep, close to the daycare stuff. Natural atmosphere around the pool was very beautiful, natural clear water, abundant shade trees hundreds of years old which places wild birds perch and chirping, close to area beaches have clean sand used for making the right road.

The location of distant of water at Air Sanih from downtown, will cause you to feel very comfortable and relaxed when in the spring, this place which has a very fresh water, so by some tour guide recommends it as is one of the tourist destinations in addition to Lovina beach is quite interesting because it is not a tourist location far from Lovina Beach Resort. Another advantage of this tourist spot is located directly facing the open sea to make a plus for the beauty of the pool itself.

Imagine when you're soaking in the fresh water pool while not weary eye could see views of unspoiled beaches. The baths are open for general tourists both local and tourists coming from foreign tourists. Besides used as a place of attraction, around the pool of water Air Sanih also often used as a Hindu traditional ceremony. At the top of the hill there is a temple used to worship Lord Vishnu, one of the designations of God in Hinduism.

Not only Hindus are utilizing water attractions Air Sanih and temple as a place of prayer on vacation at the same time, the Muslim community whose population is also quite a lot in Singaraja district almost every year, on the second day of Eid, they spend all attractions Air Sanih of water, so the view packed with local people who come in groups with family or friends each into a common condition in the public bath of Air Sanih pool water.

Air Sanih water attraction is often used as a means of gathering places and yearly for Muslims and of course the Hindu community in Buleleng, Bali. The foregoing is a good example that people of Bali who like to apply the concept to equate close friend is real tolerance of relations between people of different ethnic. So that this condition is to make the tourists interested to visit here and enjoy the atmosphere of natural beauty that is available.

Do not forget, after tired of swimming at Air Sanih you can go on holiday events here is to enjoy a culinary tour, there is a restaurant that provides a variety of Indonesian dishes such as fried rice, fried noodles, seafood, gado - gado and juice from fresh fruit. Or you can a walk along the beach area, there is a small group of merchants selling light snacks like meatballs, ice mix, mixed rice, coffee, fried tofu and fresh fruits.

Air Sanih water bathing pool, has a very clean environment, away from the hustle of the city, so it is perfect for travelers looking for a vacation with the goal of peace and relaxation from the routine of daily life and the day in an office filled with noise. This attraction is also appropriately used as a bathing place for a young couple that they both run lasting relationship.

Holiday fun for your next trip can be forwarded to the east near the Air Sanih which is about 500 meters, there is a beach area, a place to dive (snorkeling) because it has the beauty beneath the sea coast and coral reefs are very enchantment. This will certainly attract tourists to visit Sanih water and enjoy all the amenities and natural atmosphere that is provided here.

Entrance Ticket : IDR 10,000

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